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2 years ago

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Turkish Delight With Tania When I was young and carefree, who traveled the world with a backpack and hope in his pockets. I went to many places, but one that is particularly stuck in my memory of Kusadasi in Turkey. I had a wild time, and although I've never told anyone before, it's time to tell my secrets. I was only 22 when I first came on Turkish soil. Kusadasi port had youngleafs a large banner welcomes tourists and immigration was quick and painless. Hardly had cleared immigration, when vultures circled hotel around me, everyone is trying to expel the other, all talking at the top of his voice, to gain my attention. "My swimming pool, bar and Modernity" "My hotel has air conditioning! " " My hotel has happy hour," he said. I'm using a cheap hotel on the outskirts of the city. Of course, then I do not know how far it was average, as the man told me I was only 5 minutes and told me that at least 8 times! ºmail room was fine, but I was in the air conditioning so it was just a deluded fan on a pedestal ! But at £ 5 per night with breakfast included, you should be happy with myself. In addition, the owner said I could pool at a hotel near the use of all, not a bad deal at the end of the day. Kusadasi is a beautiful coastal city. It has an outdoor market selling all kinds of spices and flavored teas, jewelry, furniture, carpets, leather goods and antiques. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars. The nights are filled with music, colored lights of character and an endless parade of people walking up and down the streets. I like to remember the Dondurma type ( ice cream) on the corner selling the best ice cream I ate putty ! There was a gimmick that drew customers. He had to serve an ice cream cone, but it was so cold, it would be to stick the youngleafs blade of the knife and how it moves the cone back up the ice and laugh in their unbelief. No matter how many times a night when he showed this trick would be getting a lot of people have enjoyed his performance. My first night there, I discovered a small restaurant with two tables on the terrace. youngleafs The manager was very friendly and could not make up my mind, he offered me a plate of this and that and threw in a large pot with a nice yogurt shop. I was so happy with your service that I have never eaten anywhere else. After a good dinner, I said to see the nightlife. I walked the streets looking for the bar when someone asked me out of a carpet shop to have tea with them. Of course I tried to hard sell me, but all I got was the genuine admiration for youngleafs their products, but unfortunately I could never afford one of his handmade rugs. Even a small kilim ? There is no excuse ! The man shrugged and offered to buy a beer at the bar next door, after closing his shop. So we went andtook a beer and talk funny and then I went to my hotel, because it was late at night, and he was a gentleman. We started kissing in the garden and ended up youngleafs in my room. I remember him giving me a massage on my back and lying in bed hugging my pillow and moaned slightly as he pulled my top and open my bra. Then somehow I was half naked and he kissed me again sending goose bumps. His 05 clock shadow had become respectable in the stubble, and asked him back up to face me. The more you scratch, the more I cried for joy! He pulled out his penis and rubbed it on my back and neck, so a great contrast between the hardness of his beard and softness of his penis. I remember so I had an orgasm without direct stimulation activates that youngleafs either my breasts or clitoris. He also had his orgasm ejaculate a good amount of semen on her back and rub it into the skin. He got up and went and I remembered theit was his curly black hair and sparkling eyes. the day following youngleafs the receipt mentioned in passing that the visitor is not allowed
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